Freedom Dance Festival 2023/2024 season is ready to challenge you.

Are you ready to fly?


The competition program should always be made in such as manner to provide for at least 8 hours of rest for the dancers between the festival days.

Competitions  including awards presentations must take place prior to midnight. Riser presentations and/or awards presentations must occur prior to 11:00pm.

Generally, the competition begins primarily with riser categories to avoid having the youngest dancers perform at late hours.

The awards ceremony can take place after each day of competition or after each dance category.


For the safety of all, keep aisles and stairwells clear and do not block emergency exits.

Misconduct of any kind will not be tolerated as determined by the onsite director or venue management. Infractions may result in immediate disqualification.
Dressing area space must be shared by all competitors. No dressing space will be assigned to individual organizations unless designated by Freedom Dance Festival staff.

Any person(s) who damages venue property either inside or outside, by either misuse or abuse will disqualify their entire organization. Any person(s) who causes damage as mentioned, would assume full financial responsibility for repair, replacement and/or restitution.


The schedule of the festival (sequence of the categories) should always be organized in such a way to avoid the same dancer(s) to compete again within 5 minutes in a different category.

Should this happen, a special break must be given to provide for enough time for clothes changing and physical and mental preparation. The sequence of categories should always be previously published to all participants by E-mail, handed out in printed form during the registration and hanging out at the venue of competition.

The language of all communications is English on all competitions (national and international). Any desired changes or remarks must be relayed to the organizers at least two days before the competition. On the day of the competition, only cancellations are possible.


The Speaker should always properly inform the audience and the participants about the awards presentations. All the participants should be ready for awards presentations and should cooperate to provide for a continuous awards presentation and a quick efficient completion of the ceremony.

The organizers should make sure to have enough competition office assistants to support the ceremony. The Speaker and the Festival Director, helped by the Head Officer/Festival Staff  should aim a quick and considerate presentation of awards.

All dancers receive CERTIFICATE OF ATTENDANCE and MEDALS at the registration.


The first three place winners are receiving CERTIFICATE (ONE for formations, groups, pair/trio/quartet, solos).


The first three place winners are receiving TROPHIES (ONE for formations, groups, duo/trio/quartet).

The first three place winners in solo are receiving MEDALS.


Freedom Giant Award + Freedom Plaque
These prizes will be chosen and offered for:

  • Most Entertaining
  • Best School
  • Best Trainer
  • Best Choreography
  • Best Male
  • Best Female


Up to $4,000 in Cash prizes & Vouchers*


A studio can only be represented by ONE to FIVE routines in the Freedom Ultimate Gala Show. Preference goes to the OVERALL HIGH SCORE routines, if applicable.

When a studio doesn’t have a Overall High Score routine , preference goes to their Top 10 Overall High Score (if applicable).



FDF offers a free webcasts of its competitions! The webcast link will go LIVE about five minutes before the competition start time.

We will endeavor to have live webcast of the Competitions and Freedom Gala Shows in every city. Please understand that sometimes we are limited by the internet capabilities of the venue in which the event is being held.

Occasionally we are unable to get a good enough connection from the venue to do the webcast, or the connection is intermittent. Please be assured we do everything possible to produce a seamless webcast. We apologize in advance if you experience any problems.


You can register for the FDF online only through the Registration Portal.
Registration for the competition is done with your login data (e-mail and password that you have used for the registration).

If you have any questions regarding registration, contact us at
Entries are only valid with proof of paid entrance fee.

No entries will be processed without full payment. Upon registration, the FDF gains all production rights.The unlimited rights apply to all filming and photography from the competitions, which can, be transmitted by whatever media form (particularly per TV broadcasts as well as video media and online, via on-demand-services and/or social media) as well as other interactive means we choose to use.

After the registration is accepted and the payment has been made, we will confirm the receipt and the “Starting Permission” will be given and sent via e-mail.
All FDF competitions will have their entries limited. These will be accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis and will be limited to the amount of performances available for each competition.
Schools are encouraged to turn in their applications as early as possible. Dances will be listed in the order of their registration. Once the competition is sold out, further dance applications cannot be accepted.

Changes of an application form are possible within the open registration period until the closing date. No changes are permitted after this deadline. If the participation in the competition is can-celled by dancers, participants won’t receive any refund.

Official online entries must be completed in their entirety. ALL entries must be registered with a Dance Studio and represented by a Studio Owner or Director. NO independent entries are permitted to com-pete in ANY division. There will be a $15 late fee per entry after the deadline date.


Only Visa, Master Card, money orders and cashier’s checks will be accepted. Individual personal checks and studio checks will not be honoured.
Payments made after the deadline must be in the form of a credit card payment only.

Absolutely NO payments will be accepted at the competition event.
Changes** to performances at an event will incur a $10 fee per change. These include: Music file submitted on site / Change of act name / Change of level / Change of age division / Change of division type / Change of category / Addition or deletion of performers.

**Changes that occur onsite due to unforeseen circumstances, such as illness or injury, may not be subject to the NEW change of performance fee.
FDF reserves the right to add additional competition days and/or move the competition location due to unforeseen circumstances. FDF also reserves the right to cancel any event that does not meet the mini-mum number of acceptable entries.


Upon arrival at FDF, you will receive your studio’s registration packet with your dancers’ s wristbands, a complimentary competition program, any updated schedules and pre-registered observer passes.

Please check the schedule posted on our web page to see what time early registration begins on Friday (if applicable) in your city. We understand that teachers and students may not arrive at the same time on Friday. Therefore, dancers will not be required to wear their scholarship numbers or wristbands until Saturday morning.

Registered Teachers are allowed access to all workshop rooms and have reserved seating for the Competition.
All Studio Owners & Teacher are invited to the “Teacher Social and Coffee Talk” on Saturday and/or Sunday in the Teacher’s Room. If you have any last-minute questions, this is the perfect time to get your answers before the rest of the weekend!



Full tuition

Solo  40
Duo/Trio/Quartet 28
Group 19
Formation 19

Entry fees are charged per dancer / per dance

When registering on the portal, the portal will automatically calculate the price of entry fees and you will receive instructions for payment.

Once you have all your dances registered and you have paid the entry fee you will receive “Confirmation” on your email. Only dances that received “Confirmation” can participate in the tournament.

Dance studios may apply their own additional administrative fees. This is quite common in the industry and is used to cover the time and expense Studio Owners incur while organizing, registering and attending these events.

*Entry fees are NON-REFUNDABLE

*Refund Policy for the 2022-2023 Season: If an in-person event is unable to be held on the originally advertised dates, and the studio (in whole or in part) decides not to attend the event virtually, ARS NOVA EVENTS will issue a FULL REFUND within 7 days of the scheduled event date. If an event changes from in-person to virtual, the difference in fees will be refunded within 7 business days of the event.




A competition is comprised of a Mini, Children, Junio, Senior and All Age( only for Improvisation)

The cut-off date is January 1st of the competition year.


MINI   4 – 8 years
CHILDREN   9 – 11 years
JUNIOR 12 – 15 years
SENIOR 16+ years
ALL AGE   4 – 90 years


*ALL AGE only applicable at Battle of Styles 


To determine the age group of an entry:
Add up the age of all dancers in the routine.
Divide that number by the number of dancers in the routine.
Drop the decimal point from the total. So, if average comes to 14.7, drop decimal = 14 so the routine will complete in the Junior(13-14).
Group and higher routines can “age up” (compete in an age category that is higher than the average age).

*We reserve the right to request proof of age on the day of the competition by checking the passport / identity document of the participants.


Solo 1 dancer
Duo/Trio/Quartet 2/3 or 4 dancers
Group 5 – 12 dancers
Formation 13 + dancers


The appropriate level of performance (Beginner and Pro) should be determined at the discretion of the Studio Owner/Director using the guidelines below.

Dancers that have little/moderate competition experience, study up to 3 hours per week and are beginning to demonstrate an understanding of dance technique qualify as beginner.

Dancers that have extensive competition experience, study more than 8 hours per week and demonstrate a strong understanding of dance technique qualify as advanced.

Please keep in mind the following variables may affect level placement:

    • Years of dance experience
    • Years of competition experience
    • Magnitude, variety, and quantity of technical training hours
    • Dancer’s capacity of individual ability, retention, and work ethic
    • Regional differences of the choreography, style, creativity, and artistic expression

NOTE: DANCERS MAY ONLY BE REGISTERED AT ONE LEVEL. Any dancer found to be registered in more than one level may be disqualified.



Solo 02:30 min.
Duo/Trio/Quartet 03:00 min.
Group 03:30 min.
Formation 04:30 min.

Exception: Classical dance numbers – the music may be longer or shorter, as per the original choreography but not more than 1 min.

The timing begins with the apparent beginning of the dance and ends with the apparent end of the number. There is a time limit lenience of 5 seconds. If the dance number goes over, or under, the time beyond the lenience limits there will be reduction of 10 points.

There will be a 15 second “grace period” allowed for each routine. After a routine is 15 seconds over the time limit, 1 point will be deducted for each second past the “grace period.” Limitations will be strictly enforced.

Extended performance time is available (up to 1:00 minute for a fee of $3.00 per performer) for  Groups and Formation. Solos, Duets, Trios and Quartet are not permitted extended performance time.


Tap dance
Tap routines must consist primarily of tap technique. Recorded tap sounds are not permitted.

Jazz routines must consist of primarily of jazz technique.

Routines must consist of ballet technique including classical steps and movement.

Routines should consist of hip hop and street dance styles.

Battle of the styles

Styles Battle and is open to dancers to all dancers male and female and all age.Dancers will be expected to dance impromptu to any style(ballet/jazz/hip hop etc)and beat of music selected by the Battle DJ.Judges will be assessing the quality of the performance,musicality,dance technique and the personality of the performers.


Ballroom dancing is a partnership dance where couples, using step-patterns, move rhythmically, expressing the characteristics of music. Ballroom dancing consists of two styles: the Smooth, or Standard, and the Rhythm, or Latin. The Smooth, Standard style focuses on the elegance, grace and fluidity of movement.

Acro Dance
Routines must consist of at least 50% acrobatic/gymnastic stunts incorporating dance technique and choreography.

Anything that does not apply to the above listed categories.

Heels Dance  
A solo dance style commonly found in pop and hip-hop music videos, blends a variety of techniques from Latin, Jazz, Hip-Hop, and other genres.

Musical Theatre
Routines featuring any style of dance interpreting a song/character from a Broadway Show, Musical, Movie, etc.

Routines that demonstrate a mix of jazz and ballet techniques incorporating emotional and storytelling elements

Routines consisting of modern and ballet technique, reaching beyond the standard jazz vocabulary.

MTV Commercial
Fusion of different dance styles with newly created choreographies inspired by the MTV’s impact, variety shows and popular singers, party dances or club dances (popular or trendy dances). It is a commercial style of Jazz, a fusion of Jazz, Funk, Hip Hop or other styles, which are performed both live and in video clips alike. The accent is on presentation, style, expression, and performance

Performances, which are to a significant degree bound by tradition with strong cultural roots.

Song and Dance
Performance must consist of both singing and dancing of any type. FDF will provide one handheld microphone. No additional sound equipment or microphones may be used or connected to FDF’s sound system. Up to three Acro/gymnastic tricks are permissible.

Pom Pon
Performance using pompons incorporating precise and definite movements. Any number of Acro/gymnastic tricks are permissible.

Performance featuring any style of dance that is novelty or theme based and portraying a recognizable character. Any number of Acro/gymnastic tricks are permissible.

Performance incorporating any style of dance or combination of dance styles. Any number of Acro/gymnastic tricks are permissible. This category may comprise of performers from all levels and ages including TEACHERS / ADULTS. Overall High Point awards and cash prizes will be awarded to the top scoring act. Production performances MUST portray a storyline, plot or narrative throughout, resembling that of a film, book, play, musical, etc. Props are mandatory and must be hand-held or free standing. Each Production has an 4:30 minute time limit for performance and is given a maximum of 2:00 minutes total for set-up and removal of props.


Judges reserve the right to change the performance division of a number if they feel it is incorrectly placed.


Ballet/Pointe Open MTV Comercial
Lyrical Contemporary/Modern Hip Hop
Jazz Acro Dance Battle of the Styles
Folk/Ethnic Heels Dance
Musical Theatre Song & Dance
Tap Dance Pom Pon





Musical Theatre

Tap Dance



Acro Dance

Heels Dance

Song & Dance

Pom Pon



MTV Commercial

Hip Hop

Battle of the Styles


FDF reserves the right to limit and/or close registration at any time, cancel or reschedule an event, add additional days, extend any competition because of the number of entries received, change venues, limit solos to 1 per dancer, or to make any other reasonable changes deemed necessary.
When an event is closed due to over-capacity registration, entries will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis according to the actual received date of full payment and completed registration. In the event of cancellation, entry fees will be refunded or transferred to another event, as desired by the studio.


The FDF adjudication system is an informatic system.

Each dance is judged always by at least three judges and will score each routine based on a system of 100 points per judge for a total of 300 points. Ties will be broken based on 1. highest technique scores 2. highest performance score 3. judges’ decision.

Category Points
Technique 30
Performance 25
Choreography 25
Overall impression 10
Music/Costuming 10

The competition results are calculated automatically by a computer program.

There are no sheets arbitration. All notes and comments are found in their account once every school dance scene was assessed.

Competition results are presented immediately after the award ceremony in the account created for each school.

All entries will be adjudicated by 3-4 qualified judges. When there are four judges, the lowest score is automatically dropped. In the rare event that an entry is choreographed by one of the judges, he/she will only critique the entry and then his/her “score” will be the score that gets dropped and replaced with the head judge’s score. All ties will be broken by adding the fourth judge’s score. If a tie remains after the addition of the fourth judge’s score, the criteria of the technique prevails. If still a tie, the score will be established by the next criteria (see criteria above). When there are only three judges, the lowest score will not be dropped.


Stage with a 40ft (12m) x 30ft (10 m) dance floor, professional lightning, professional sound system, backdrop, state of the art sound, and side wings.

Stage height and size may vary due to venue restrictions.


Teachers and performers only allowed backstage. ALL parents and students not performing in the current division are to watch the competition from the audience.


If there are too many entries to compete all the routines on Saturday, anyone registered for a solo or duo/trio/quartet must be available to perform on Fridays after 3:30pm.

If FDF decides to schedule any solos or duo/trios before 3:30pm on Friday and a routine decides not to perform, FDF will provide a full re-fund. In some cities, there may be Group Competition on Friday starting after 3:30pm.

If this happens, we will do our best to notify the studio at least two weeks prior. There will NEVER be Group Competition on Friday before 3:30pm.


The school or the organization is responsible for their own music (selection, technical condition, and preparation). “Explicit lyrics” (insulting, racist and sexually offensive lyrics) are prohibited. Disregarding these rules leads to deduction from scoring.

Music must be uploaded via the Registration portal when registering a dance. Uploaded music should be in a mp3/m4a format and each upload must represent one song/entry. Maximum single file size should not exceed 28MB.

Deadline for music upload is 2 days prior to competition start. In case the music is not uploaded, the registered dancers will not be able to perform.
Delays and interruptions caused by not following these regulations will result in a deduction of 5 points from the dance number’s score.


Freedom Dance Festival will be supporting a great cause in every city where its competition is be-ing held. For every registration (solos, duo/trio/quartet, group, formations), FDF is donating $2 towards the chosen organization in the specific city.*

*Receiving organization to be announced prior to competition and award certificate with the collected amount to be presented during the competition
Admission to FDF competition is free in some of our locations. Audience will be permitted to enter and exit the ballroom between numbers only. Doors will be closed during performances. Teachers of competing dancers will be given reserved seating. Visual coaching is prohibited.

Tickets for Gala are available approximately one month prior to the event. Please re-member that everyone will need a ticket to the Freedom Ultimate Gala Show. This includes dancers per-forming in the show if they want to come into the venue and watch the show before (or after) they per-form. For any questions related to this, please email


We are now offering all inclusive MEDIA package to all participants for the 2023/2024 season. Our professional photographers and videographers will be at each event offering the product for a resonable prices!


Dancers’ safety is extremely important at Freedom Dance Festival. Stage Managers, Marley floor, and first aid kits are provided. FDF stresses the importance of safety and executing only those skills, tech-niques and practices that will not cause undue harm or injury to performers, spectators, or the stage. To ensure the safety of all, 100% of choreography must be performed within the boundaries of the provid-ed stage area. Dancing in aisles, on or around the judges’ table, jumping off the stage, and/or perform-ing in any other part of the theatre is strictly prohibited. Routines in violation of these noted safety standards will be penalized or disqualified at FDF’s discretion.


Freedom Dance Festival is dedicated to providing a family friendly environment. We realize that dance is an art form and crosses a broad range of styles and preferences; however, routines, costumes and music must be age appropriate and suitable for audiences that include children of every age. Offensive language/lyrics, choreography, costuming, and/or the use of dance themes such as rape, suicide, murder, sex, domestic violence, anorexia or other dark undertones presented with a lack of “artistic discretion” may be considered inappropriate. We recognize that this is extremely subjective and sensitive. Therefore, our judges and staff will use their utmost professional judgment to ensure appropriateness while still encouraging artistic creativity.


By registering for a FDF competition, the competitors accept the official rules of the FDF. The competition committee may make inquiries, either before or after dance numbers, if the jury has doubts about the accuracy of the dancer’s age. The dances must be able to prove their age.

No signals or assistance from the trainer/guardian during the performance are permitted. The schools/organizations are responsible for the injury risks of their participants. Unsportsmanlike and disruptive behaviour during the event may disqualify the competitor, and, in extreme cases, the school/organization may be removed from the competition. Trainers, as well as guardians and spectators, can be removed from the competition for unsportsmanlike behaviour or for disrupting others.

Individual modifications are only possible with prior approval by the competition director.
All dancers entered in any competition must be registered for the workshop.*
*all competitions where workshops are offered, are mandatory in order to participate to the competition.

The deadline for competition changes is 3 weeks prior to the event. No changes will be accepted after this date.

Make all checks payable to: ARS NOVA SRL
Only US checks are accepted. Bank money orders in US Funds only.

Competing dancers may compete for one studio only. Schools with multiple locations may compete as separate studios as long as there is NO mixing of dancers from each location.

Excessive scenery, special lighting and use of live animals is prohibited.

Judges may stop a number in progress and request that it be repeated. If FDF equipment fails, the studio may choose to continue or to re-do the number. If the performers’ equipment fails, excluding music tapes, the performance must continue or may be withdrawn.

All numbers must appear according to their scheduled sequence. Numbers failing to perform within ten routines of their scheduled time may be disqualified.

Competing dancers should be ready 30 minutes prior to their scheduled competition time. If the competition is running ahead of schedule, you will be expected to perform.

Timely postmarks do not guarantee acceptance of entries. Entries are taken on a first-come, first-served basis. Competition is limited to time available.

All attendees authorize the use of their images in photos and video for all advertising or promotional purposes for FDF.

Independent dancers are welcome to participate in FDF Workshop.
Independent dancers are not eligible to compete in FDF Competition.

Independent dancers are unable to compete in the Best Dancer Contest.

Routines can request our lighting rig to have a complete blackout or dimmed lighting for a com-petition routine. Routines can request one power source backstage if they need to plug in and power a prop used for a routine.

Any special lighting that a studio wants to bring on stage (to create their own lighting effects) must be administered and created by the dancers that are registered for the routine. A Studio’s special lighting cannot be controlled by a teacher or parent from the wings or backstage.

Any attendee that has flu-like symptoms, we ask that you please not attend the event. We will offer a full refund to anyone that is unable to attend due to COVID-19 with a Doctor’s note.

If the in-person event is still being held and a studio/dancer decides to switch and attend virtually, the difference in fees will be refunded back to the original form of payment (within 7 business days of the event). This change in registration can happen anytime up until the start of the event.


Definition ” Acrobatic “: The body does not touch the ground (Salto, Flick Flack) excluding jumps and lifts. Acrobatic and gymnastic arches, wheels, etc. should only be used be when they are involved directly in the dance and must not dominate the number.

The competition line-up must be observed. Should a costume-change break be necessary, the com-petition director must be informed directly before the final round, and as soon as the line-up is known.

Competitors may take the stage after the number is called and proceed to their starting position. Competitors leave the state upon conclusion of the number and the final bow. All performances, music, costumes, and styles are permitted, as long as they are not indecent or offensive.

The use of props is allowed, if the props are used directly in the dance and are brought on and off stage by the dancers. Individual lighting effects, such as open fire or fireworks, are prohibited. Creativity, originality of ideas and movements, surprise effects, and affective use of the stage are important elements in all disciplines.


Flash photography is strictly prohibited during competition. It’s only possible with prior FDF authorization. Cellular phones should be turned to the off or silent/vibrate mode while seated in the section of the theatre/ballroom during competition. Cellular phone use should be limited to the lobby area of the venue.

Videotaping by individuals at FDF competition is prohibited. Violations will result in disqualify action of the registered organization/dancer. This rule will be strictly enforced to protect the integrity of individual’s choreography.


Any dancer competing in a dance competition takes certain possible risks. These include, but are not limited to, sprains, pulled muscles and broken bones. Participation in this competition indicates acceptance of such risks by performers. Therefore, FDF assumes no responsibility for personal injury or property loss.

By entering a FDF competition and FDF workshop, participants (i.e., dancers, teachers, choreographers) give their permission to FDF to use their photographs, videos and/or likeness in any FDF promotional effort without compensation.

FDF does not discriminate or tolerate discrimination of any kind. We believe every individual should have an equal opportunity to compete within the framework of our rules and guidelines.



By using the Registration Portal (Dance Genie) or allowing someone to use the Registration Portal on your behalf, you are consenting to collection, use, disclosure, transfer, and storage in accordance with the Privacy Policy of Dance Genie for any Personal Data or other information.

  • We collect personal and non-personal information from dancers/teachers in the regular course of doing business.
  • The following information about you (or your dancers) is collected when registering:
    • Name
    • Address
    • Postal Code
    • Phone Number
    • Email Address
    • Date of Birth/Age
    • Gender
  • Other non-personal information that is collected when registering:
    • Internet Protocol (IP) address
    • Domain names of your Internet Service Provider
    • Approximate geographic location
    • Site pages that you visit
    • Time of your visits
    • Cookies are also collected
  • The personal and non-personal data that is collected when registering is handled by our third-party system Dance Genie – INCHOL Solutions Inc. FDF uses the personal data to ensure a correct business practice. More information about the policies of Dance Genie you can read here
  • When using the FDF website we collect non-personal data as the ones mentioned before. Using the website, you are consenting for collecting, use, disclosure, transfer, and storage.
  • Any information collected when visiting the website will not be shared with third-party companies. You can request a report of what information is stored about you or the dancers at any time.
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