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Before registration, please read first our regulations. They are here to guide and help you towards a better performance.



The festival program should always be made in such a manner to provide for at least 8 hours of rest for the dancers between the festival days. It is not allowable to have festivals including awards presentation after midnight, neither to have riser presentations or awards presentations after 10.30 PM.

As a general rule, the festivals are commenced mostly with riser categories to avoid the minor-aged dancers’ late presentations.

The awards ceremony will be organized after each day of competition.


The program of the festival (sequence of the categories) should always be composed in such a manner to avoid the same dancer(s) to compete in different categories again within 5 minutes. Should this happen, an extraordinary break must be ordered to provide for enough time of clothes changing and physical and mental preparation. The sequence of categories should always be previously published to all participants by E-mail, handing over in printed form during the registration and hanging out on the venue of competition. The language of all communications is English on the international competitions. Any desired changes or remarks must be done to the organizers latest two days before the competition. On the place of the competition, only cancellations are possible.


The Speaker should always properly inform the audience and the participants about the awards presentations. All the participants should be ready for awards presentation and should properly cooperate to provide for a continuous awards presentation and the soonest completion of the ceremony. The organizers should take care to have enough competition office assistants to support the proceeding. The Speaker and the Festival Director, helped by the Office Head should take care about the quick and considerative presentation of awards.


  • The first three place winners are receiving CERTIFICATE (ONE for formations, groups, pair/trio/quartet, solos).
  • All dancers receive CERTIFICATE OF ATTENDANCE in competition
  • All places from forth and below receive a MENTION CERTIFICATE (ONE for formations, groups, duo/trio/quartet, solos).


  • The first three place winners are receiving Trophies (ONE for formations, groups, duo/trio/quartet).
  • The first three place winners in solo are receiving MEDALS.
  • All places from forth and below receive a TROPHEE (ONE for formations, groups, duo/trio/quartet)


Prizes rises just in the award ceremony.

We do not accept any other option.


  1. For the safety of all, keep aisles and stairwells clear and do not block emergency exits.
  2. Misconduct of any kind will not be tolerated as determined by onsite director or venue management. Infractions may result in immediate disqualification.
  3. Dressing area space must be shared by all competitors. No dressing space will be assigned to individual organizations unless designated by FDF.
  4. Any person(s) who damages venue property either inside or outside, by either misuse or abuse will disqualify the entire organization. Any person(s) who causes damage as mentioned, assumes full financial responsibility for repair, replacement and/or restitution.



  1. Registration must be made obligatory through the FDF Registration portal.
  2. After successful registrations you will automatically receive on your e-mail registration confirmation.

ATTENTION: e-mail address and password that you have written during the registration in requested fields is used to login on the competition.
If you have questions regarding registration contact us on email: .

  1. Entries are only valid with proof of paid entrance fee.
  2. Upon registration, the FDF gains all production rights. The unlimited rights applies to all filming and photography from the competitions, which can, in every respect, be transmitted per whatever media form (particularly per TV broadcasts as well as video media and online, via on-demand-services) and other interactive usages.
  3. The number of participants and dances are, in principle, not limited. It is recommended, however, that the schools/organizations register as soon as possible, as the FDF has the right to reject late registrations if there are an excessive number of entries.


  1. You can register for the FDF only on line through the Registration Portal.
  2. Registration for the competition is done with your login data (e-mail and password that you have used for the registration).
  3. After the registration is accepted and the payment has been effected, we will confirm the receipt and the „Starting Permission” will be given and sent via e-mail.
  4. Entries are limited. Schools are encouraged to turn in their applications as early as possible. Dances will be listed in the order of their registration. Once the competition is sold out, further dance applications cannot be accepted.
  5. Changes of an application form are possible within the closing date. No changes are possible, after this deadline.
  6. If the participation is cancelled, participants won’t receive any refund.   


Entry fee:

Solos not accepted for Freedom Dance Festival 2018 Bucharest

Duo/Trio                                20 Eur

Small group/Formation        15 Eur

  1. Entry fees are charged per dancer / per dance
  2. When registering on the portal, the portal will automatically calculate the price of entry fees and you will receive instructions for payment.
  3. Once you have all your dances registered and you have paid the entry fee you will receive “Starting Permission” on your email.
  4. Only dances that received “Starting Permission” can participate in the tournament.


A competition is comprised of a Mini, Petite, Children, Juniors, Senior, Adult

The cut-off date is 1 January 2018


MINI4 – 6 years
PETITE7 – 9 years
CHILDREN10 – 12 years
JUNIOR13 – 15 years
SENIOR16 – 19  years
ADULT20 +   years


For dances with more than a dancer, age group is given the age of the oldest dancer.

If the average age ends in 0.5 or greater, rounded to the nearest whole number (Ex. 10.5 to 11).

*We reserve the right to request proof of age on the day of the competition by checking the passport / identity document of the participants


  • Within the group / formation/ duo / trio / quartet, dancers are allowed to enter into a superior age category whatever that may be. Ex:  MINI can compete CHILDREN etc.
  • In the event that, in a group, in a routine, a dancer has been registered, that qualifies to another age group (ex.: group is formed by Children age and one dancer is Junior age) the entire group will be enrolled in the category of the oldest dancer (in this case Junior).



Duo/Trio/Quartet2/3 or 4 dancers
Group5 – 12 dancers
Formation13 +  dancers



  • Ballet
  • Contemporan / Modern
  • Lyrical
  • Jazz
  • Etnic Dance
  • MTV Comercial
  • Urban Dance
  • Acro Dance
  • Tap-dance
  • Musical
  • Open
  • Pom Pon


Duo/Trio/Quartet: 01:00 – 02:00 minutes

Group/Formation: 02:00 – 03:00 minutes

Exception: Classical dance numbers – the music may be longer or shorter, as per the original choreography but not more than 1 min.

Exception: Urban Dance – minim 1:30 minutes

The timing begins with the apparent beginning of the dance and ends with the apparent end of the number. There is a time limit lenience of 5 seconds. If the dance number goes over, or under, the time beyond the lenience limits there will be reduction of 10 points.


  • Technical content: (meaning the difficulty level and number of dance technical elements)
  • Choreography and overall impression: (this means the composition, the synchrony of the chosen music, dance steps and elements, the age of the dancer, the utilization of stage, dress, etc.)
  • Presentation: (this means the level of presentation, the dynamics and the personality transmitted to the audience)

The FDF adjudication system is an informatic system. Besides, there will be also possible to make a short written note made about each dance in dance disciplines (not mandatory).

Each items of those above are valued by each jury member on a scale ranging from 0 to 10. Each dance is judged always by at least three judges on the basis of scoring criteria.

The jury members have the option, but not the obligation to make a brief written note about each dance disciplines judged.

The competition results are calculated automatically by a computer program.

There are no sheets arbitration. All notes and comments (if they exist) are found in their account once every school dance scene was assessed.

Competition results are presented immediately after the award ceremony in the account created for each school.



Each FDF international event should, but not mandatory, be opened with an official opening ceremony. Such ceremony should include the welcome speech of the local organizers, the presentation of international participants with their national symbols (flags), the presentation of international jury members, and the opening speech of the highest post FDF official being present on the event.

The official opening ceremony should be organized to have a maximum duration of 20 minutes. In case of an international event consisting of more than one day, there should be an international reception banquet with buffet and discussion on the evening before the first festival day, and an international farewell cocktail/banquet after the last day’s awards presentation with free discussions.


It is not obligatory to have a closing ceremony. However, on the International Dance Competition which is considered to be the highest level event within the concerned calendar year on the field of dances there should always be an Official Closing Ceremony including the official thanks, congratulations, closing speech and a gala of no more than 15 minutes altogether.


The festival program should always be made in such a manner to provide for at least 8 hours of rest for the dancers between the festival days. It is not allowable to have festivals including awards presentation after midnight, neither to have riser presentations or awards presentations after 10.30 PM.

As a general rule, the festivals are commenced mostly with riser categories to avoid the minor-aged dancers’ late presentations.

The awards ceremony will be organized after each day of competition.


  1. The school or the organization is responsible for their own music (selection, technical condition and preparation). “Explicit lyrics” (insulting, racist and sexually offensive lyrics) are prohibited. Disregarding these rules leads to deduction from scoring.
  2. Music must be uploaded via the Registration portal when registering a dance. Uploaded music should be in a mp3 format and it represents one song. Deadline for music upload is 7 days prior the competition start. In case the music is not uploaded, the registered dancers will not be able to perform
  3. Delays and interruptions caused by not following these regulations will result in a deduction of 0,5 points from the dance number’s score.



  1. By registering for a FDF competition, the competitors accept the official rules of the FDF
  2. The competition committee may make inquiries, either before or after dance numbers, if the jury has doubts about the accuracy of the dancers’ age. The dances must be able to prove their age.
  3. No signs or assistance from the trainer/guardian during the performance.
  4. The schools/organizations are responsible for the accident risks of their participants.
  5. 10 points may be deducted for the following:
    1. 5 Sec. over or under the time limit
    2. For all violations of the FDF’s rules.
  6. Unsportsmanlike and disruptive behavior during the event may disqualify the competitor, and, in extreme cases, the school/organization may be removed from the competition.
  7. Trainers, as well as guardians and spectators, can be removed from the competition for unsportsmanlike behavior or for disrupting others.
  8. Individual modifications are only possible with prior approval by the competition director.


  1. Definition „Acrobatic“: The body does not touch the ground (Salto, Flick Flack) excluding jumps and lifts.
  2. Acrobatic and gymnastic arches, wheels, etc. should only be used be when they are involved directly in the dance and must not dominate the number.
  3. The competition line-up must be observed. Should a costume-change break be necessary, the competition director must be informed directly before the final round, and as soon as the line-up is known.
  4. Competitors may take the stage after the number is called and proceed to their starting position. Competitors leave the state upon conclusion of the number and the final bow.
  5. All performances, music, costumes, and styles are permitted, as long as they are not indecent or offensive.
  6. The use of props is allowed, as long as the props are used directly in the dance and are brought on and off stage by the dancers.
  7. Individual lighting effects, such as open fire or fire-works, are prohibited.
  8. Creativity, originality of ideas and movements, surprise effects, and affective use of the stage are important elements in all disciplines.
  9. Individual performances can only be judged in solo competitions. All other categories are judged at the group level.
  10. Duo/trio/quartet dances should be choreographed so that the relationship between the dancers is evident.


  1. Flash photography is strictly prohibited during competition. It’s possible with express FDF authorization.
  2. Cellular phones should be turned to the off or vibrate mode while seated in the house section of the theatre/ballroom during competition. Cellular phone use should be limited to the lobby area of the venue.
  3. Videotaping by individuals at FDF competition is prohibited. Violations will result in disqualify action of the registered organization/dancer. This rule will be strictly enforced to protect the integrity of individual choreography.


  1. Any dancer competing in a dance competition takes certain incumbent risks. These include, but are not limited to, sprains, pulled muscles and broken bones. Participation in this competition indicates acceptance of such risks by performers. Therefore, FDF assume no responsibility for personal injury or property loss.
  2. By entering a FDF competition and FDF workshop, participants (i.e. dancers, teachers, choreographers) give their permission to FDF to use their photographs, videos and/or likeness in any FDF promotional effort without compensation.
  3. FDF do not discriminate, or tolerate discrimination of any kind. We believe every individual should have an equal opportunity to compete within the framework of our rules and guidelines.



By using the Registration Portal (Dance Genie) or allowing someone to use the Registration Portal on your behalf, you are consenting to collection, use, disclosure, transfer and storage in accordance with the Privacy Policy of Dance Genie for any Personal Data or other information.


  • We collect personal and non-personal information from dancers/teachers in the regular course of doing business.
  • The following information about you (or your dancers) is collected when registering:
    • Name
    • Address
    • Postal Code
    • Phone Number
    • Email Address
    • Date of Birth/Age
    • Gender
  • Other non-personal information that is collected when registering:
    • Internet Protocol (IP) address
    • Domain names of your Internet Service Provider
    • Approximate geographic location
    • Site pages that you visit
    • Time of your visits
    • Cookies are also collected
  • The personal and non-personal data that is collected when registering is handled by our third-party system Dance Genie – INCHOL Solutions Inc. BDF uses the personal data to ensure a correct business practice. More information about the policies of Dance Genie you can read here
  • When using the BDF website we collect non-personal data as the ones mentioned before. Using the website you are consenting for collecting, use, disclosure, transfer and storage.
  • Any information collected when visiting the website will not be shared with third-party companies. You can request a report of what information is stored about you or the dancers at any time.

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