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Frequently Asked Questions

Search the most asked questions regarding Freedom Dance Festival

What is Freedom Dance Festival ?

Freedom Dance Festival is a international dance competition organized by the non-profit Romanian organisation called Ars Nova. It aims to be one of the biggest competition of it’s kind, where freedom through complex, elegant and powerfull moves is a status quo.

How to pay registration fee ?

You can pay your necessary fees through money transaction on the following account.

Fundaţia de Jazz Balet ARS NOVA

CIF: 10330960

IBAN LEI: RO31BTRL00501205M37937XX



Banca Transilvania

International transactions: Please note that expenses are to be paid by the remitter!


Where can I read the Rules & Regulations ?

How to register ?

The only way to register is through an Online Registration process.

Before summiting any application to Freedom Dance Festival it is mandatory to register through the Registration Portal.

After you successfully registrate you’ll instantly receive your confirmation through e-mail.

ATTENTION: you will login in the tournament with the e-mail address and password that you set up during the registration process in the requested fields.

If you have any questions regarding the registration process, contact us on email:


Is there a deadline for registration ?

Yes, the competition has a deadline. The deadline is published on the event info or registration fee.

When is the deadline for the registration fee ?

It is possible to pay the fee till the end of the registration deadline.

Attention: You’ll support the transfer costs!

Can the Registration Portal close before the registration deadline ?

Yes, Freedom Dance Festival has a limited number of participants. When the number of participants reaches the limit, the Registration Portal closes.

Can I change my registered routines ?

Yes, during the registration period it is possible to change your dance.

I have signed in at a tournament, but I cannot continue registering myself. What can I do?

In case you are not able to complete and finish your registration, contact us via e-mail:

I cannot change the dance that I have registered. Why?

The registration deadline has expired. All the changes can be made during the registration period. After the deadline, all the registrations become unchangeable.

After the registration, not all the registered dances are confirmed. Why?

Only the dances for which the payment has been made are confirmed. Only those dances can be part of the championship and they get the „Starting Permission“

What is a “Starting Permission”?

The “starting permission” is the confimation and permission to perform on the Freedom Dance Festival (FDF).

„Starting Permission“ is received by each dance/choreography that is registered and payed.

Choreoraphies that don’t receive starting permission are not allowed to participate on the FDF.


When and where do I get my “starting permission”?

Via e-mail, after all the payments for the particular dance have been made and confirmed.

If I have questions concerning the registration, what can I do?

Please contact

If I have questions concerning finances, what can I do?

Please contact

If I have general questions about attenting to Freedom Dance Festival, what can I do?

Please contact

Do I have to fill in the Registration Form for the new season?

Each school that is registered and has the identification number must not register for the new season. Use your username/email and password and register on the registration portal. Your registration will be updated automatically for the current year.

Where are the scores in the contest displayed?

You can view the scores obtained in the competition, as soon as the dancing was judged by the referees, in the account created for the competition.

Where are the competition results displayed?

The results of the competition can be viewed, as soon as the award ceremony has been completed, in the account created for the competition.

What is Dance Camp Genie?

DanceComp Genie Events is an online application through which you can interact with other dancers or their parents around the world!

Download it for free and activate your location today, save your dances and automatically receive notifications about the dances in the contest. You get information about the venue of the event, watch on your smartphone your start-up list, real-time run of the contest, updates for last-minute changes, results, comments, photos and other interesting things.

Surely this application will change your way of participating in the competition!


How can I download this application?

Sens us your question

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