Freedom Dance Festival 2022 is ready to challenge you. Are you ready for a dance tour with European flavour? 


Jazz, Ballet, Contemporary, Lyrical, Hip Hop, Musical Theatre, Ballroom, Tap, Improv & more!


Dance studios may apply their own additional administrative fees. This is quite common in the industry and is used to cover the time and expense Studio Owners incur while organizing, registering, and attending these events.



MINI (4-7) $130 $170

PETITE (8-10)

JUNIOR (11-12)

$150  $190

TEEN (13-14)

YOUTH (15-19)

SENIOR (19+)

$150  $190
TEACHER/STUDIO OWNER (18+) $170 $210
OBSERVER $50 $60



  • All FDF ages (Workshop & Competition) are determined as of January 1, 2021. For example: Ages for November 2021 events will be as of January 1st, 2021, and ages for April 2022 events will be as of January 1st, 2022.
  • The workshop ages listed above are simply guidelines; Studio Owners/Directors may use their discretion to place their dancers in the appropriate classroom levels. Please remember
  • Early Tuition fees only apply to registrations submitted and PAID IN FULL by the “Early Registration Deadline” for each city. See your for exact registration deadlines. In most cities, the Early Registration Deadline is 30 days before the event.
  • Dance studios may apply their own additional administrative fees. This is very common in the industry and is used to cover the time and expense Studio Owners incur while organizing, registering and attending these events.
  • Workshop fee includes a minimum of 5 class hours over the course of the weekend.
  • All fees are in USD.
  • Money orders and Wires must be payable in USD only.
  • All returned checks will be subject to a $35 fee.
  • No refunds on workshop fees.
  • Workshop registration is not mandatory in order to compete for 2022 Tour.
  • Registration must be done online and prior to the event. No payment at the door will be accepted. FDF does not accept personal OR studio checks at any events, at any time.

Level changes can be made within the first two classes of the workshop. Please notify the FDF staff of any level changes and we will exchange wristbands, if necessary.


Dancers attending more than one 2021-2022 regional workshops will receive a 50% workshop fee discount for each additional city.


Parents of registered dancers are allowed into the workshop classes if they have purchased an Observer wristband ($50 Early Tuition or $60 Full Tuition).

All Observers must be attending with paid students only and may not be teachers, studio owners or dancers.
Observers do not have access to the Teacher/Studio Owner room or closed rehearsals at any time.

One free Mini Observer band will be given to the studio for the appropriate parent/guardian for each registered Mini dancer. This wristband will only allow entrance to the Mini classroom. It does not grant access to the Mini, Junior, Teen, Senior or Teacher rooms – NO exceptions. Additional Mini Observer bands can be purchased, if needed.

Observer wristbands are not required for the Competition or Gala Show.
FDF reserves the right to limit observers within each ballroom, subject to attendance and space limitations. If limit is reached prior to convention, Observer wristbands will not be sold at the door.

FDF reserves the right to revoke any Observer privileges.
Observer wristbands are not available.
Observers 10 years and under are free.
NO videotaping or photography allowed at any point during the workshop classes. Still photos can be taken in between classes, with the faculty, etc.
Observer wristbands are NON-REFUNDABLE. No exceptions.


Depending on competition registration, the workshop schedule may vary from city to city.

Tentative workshop schedules are available one week prior to the event. Please remember that workshop schedules are subject to change up to the day of the event. Please see our registration desk or our website for most current schedule.


Photography and Video recording from any media devices (i.e. digital cameras, cell phones, SLR’s, Flip, etc.) is strictly prohibited during classes and competition. This is to enforce the children’s safety and privacy, as well as protecting the work of choreographers and faculty. FDF offers professional photo and video services at each of our events and on our website after the event.


The host hotel, facilities and FDF are not responsible for any lost personal items or injuries.

If a participant of FDF needs first aid, please see a FDF Staff member at the registration desk.

Please make sure all personal items are against the perimeter of the ballroom, under the chairs, always to avoid injury.

All dancers under the age of 16 who are registered with FDF must be accompanied by an adult of a legal age.

All dancers registered for the workshop must complete and sign an Ars Nova Events waiver in order to participate. All waivers must be signed digitally from your account.