An impressive dance event dedicated for groups. Gather your team and prepare to show your talent

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Urban Dance Style

Evolved in the outer of the dancing studio, the urban dance expresses the outside world`s freedom and energy, through improvisational and interactive moves.


Originated in the Italian Renaissance, Ballet is one of the most delicate form and style of dance.

Contemporary Modern

With a strong popularity especially in the U.S and Europe, the contemporary modern dance focuses on the dancer`s own interpretations instead of structured or established moves or steps.

National Folkloric Dance

An important element of a country`s culture is the national folkloric dance. Through it you can express not only the traditional and social occasions, but also the characteristics of its population and history.

MTV Comercial

his type of dance became so appreciated and practiced, that it turned into a specific style, danced also in concerts, live shows, music videos, movies and so on.


Open is a modern dance performed to any type of song, that doesn`t have a specific genre or structured movements.


When you dance, do you actually feel like a creator of a new world, a world consisting of movement, vibration and music, a world that brings you closer and closer to the soul, to yourself? If you enjoy creating emotions and expressing yourself through dancing, if you love competing, there is no way you can miss Freedom Dance Festival.


Regardless of the dance style you dedicated to,
Freedom Dance Festival is that place where you
can express and give free play to your talent and imagination.